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Vacant Positions
The Siemens AG is constantly looking for talented people who are interested in bringing their ideas to the company. On the Siemens career page exciting internships, work placement positions and positions for career starters are regularly advertised.
Here you will find an overview of the different entry options at Siemens:
Gain work experience during the semester or semester break.
Working students
Work for Siemens during your studies or during the semester breaks. You will have the opportunity to work on groundbreaking projects, share ideas and build a network.
Thesis & PhD thesis
How your work becomes a success: If you have an interesting topic in mind, then contact us. We bring you in touch with the right people.
Direct entry
Get started in our day-to-day business, become part of exciting projects and develop your personal skills.
Siemens Management Consulting (SMC)
Start your career in strategy consulting and influence what companies do next.
The Siemens Graduate Program (SGP)
Three stations at home and abroad. Two exciting years. A starting point for your international career.
Finance Excellence Program (FEP)
A program for future financial executives.
Future Minds
Siemens company-wide student development program offers an attractive mix of action-oriented learning and deep insights into our business.
Trainee @ IT
Trainee program in information technology, duration 24 months in Nuremberg and Amberg (2 stations); Tender annually
Further information on entry-level opportunities can be found here.