There are multiple formats of how Siemens and TUM collaborate. The best format for your individual project depends on what you´re aiming at in the collaboration.

Bilateral Research Project
A research project is a research activity carried out in bilateral collaboration between Siemens and an academic partner with a defined content and time. Content, goals, degrees of goal specification as well as the form of collaboration may vary. Research projects can be carried out by the academic partner alone (contract research) or jointly with the involved Siemens Unit (joint research project). The contractual basis of a research project is usually an individual or project contract.

Publicly Funded Project
Publicly funded projects are research projects, which usually involve several partners from private industry and the academic world. The consortium partners work jointly together in a publicly funded project. In Germany common public funding sources are usually federal ministries (e.g. Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology or Federal Environment Ministry), but occasionally also state ministries. On European level, the EU commission in Europe with their Funding Programs (like Horizon 2020) is a common funding source.

There are different forms how Siemens and TUM work together with respect to PhD projects. They all have in common that PhD projects refer to research activities which result in the writing and presentation of a dissertation. One possible setup is that the PhD student is an employee of Siemens during the time of his/ her PhD project/thesis.  A different setup is the allocation of the PhD student at the university or a mixture of the two cases. Details have to be clarified in each case individually.

Lectureships, seminars, workshops
A Siemens employee can give lectures without being employed by the university. He or she might give a stand-alone lecture, be part of a bigger lecture series or conduct a seminar, workshop. In addition, TUM professors take part in Siemens events as key note speakers or hold specialist lectures.