Built Environment Digital Twinning Workshop

Built Environment Digital Twinning Workshop

When: December 17 – 18
Where: TUM-IAS, Lichtenbergstraße 2a, 85748 Garching

From December 17 to 18, the international workshop on built environment and digital twinning, takes place.

The workshop is organized and co-sponsored by the Technical University of Munich Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS) and Siemens.


Researchers and Students of TUM are kindly invited to participate. We would be very happy to welcome you at the event.

Please find all relevant information and links to the registration and a detailed agenda below.

The workshop will bring together Digital Twin experts from Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and related disciplines around the world. These experts will be given the task to explore what are the key research and technology transfer challenges to be addressed and how
FROM REAL WORLD TO THE DIGITAL TWIN: How to automate the generation of Digital Twins across scales, and built environment asset types?
THE DIGITAL TWIN ITSELF: What should a Digital Twin be, what not, and how to structure it such that it is a) standardised yet extensible, b) able to address key use cases directly and specialty use cases with extensions, c) cloud and computationally friendly, d) scalable and verifiable.
FROM THE DIGITAL TWIN TO THE REAL WORLD, AND BACK: How to best exploit the Digital Twin in each key use case? How to best maintain it up to date and link it to IoT devices and sensors?
TECH TRANSFER AND MARKET PENETRATION: What industry business models are needed to best exploit Digital Twins? How should such models be introduced or promoted to achieve fast market penetration? What level of maturity should Digital Twin Tech achieve to be attractive to industry?

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