Siemens Robotics Hackathon - An event part of the European Robotics Week (#EWR2019)

When:         November, 13th-14th
Where:        Robotics laboratory @ Siemens, Munich

Intuitive robot programming for robot assembly
Robot assembly typically involves numerous, complex tasks, from perceiving objects to object manipulation. The challenges in robotic real-world applications include robust perception to precisely and repeatedly determine an object’s shape and position to grasp and manipulate it. Object manipulation tasks such as inserting tight fitting objects or even twisting a bolt into place require complex interaction skills.
We strive for innovative approaches to address these problems in an intuitive way on the example of the assembly of a set of gears.

Do you want to find solutions to be applied to the highest challenge of industrial application?

Be part of it and participate in our intuitive multi-robot programming challenge!

Please find further information and a short agenda here.

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Siemens Robotics Hackathon