Fields of cooperation
The CKI is the central point of contact and coordination for SIEMENS for cooperation and the initiation of projects with the TUM.

In the planning phase of projects between TUM and SIEMENS, the CKI should provide efficient and individual support for the participants. The CKI should also be available to the involved parties in all phases of concrete research projects via its function as an information hub and intermediary of competent contact persons
Minimize administrative effort for the participants as far as possible.
The CKI offers SIEMENS and the TUM the opportunity to become involved with their research priorities
as well as presenting talents and thereby contributing to requirements
and to bring needs faster and more immediate to each other and
to intensify the links between SIEMENS and the TUM.
Fields of cooperation include:
  •     Automation
  •     Autonomous systems
  •     Digitization
  •     IT platforms
  •     IT security
  •     Communication
  •     Robotics
  •     Simulation
  •     Smart Data
  •     Software architecture
  •     Web of things